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The world's first and foremost software product that recognizes and creates general text from normal speech. It has won more than 120 major industry awards. Want to know more about Dragon NaturallySpeaking? No sales pitch, just honest information (888) 634-8200

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Short set-up and user enrollment Yes Yes
Dictate into most Microsoft® Windows®-based applications Yes Yes
Control menus and dialog boxes in most Microsoft® Windows® XP & Windows® 2000-based applications by voice Yes Yes
Simultaneous dictation and command modes Yes Yes
Format and edit by voice Yes Yes
Mouse control by voice Yes Yes
Nothing But Speech (NBS)™ Natural Punctuation Yes Yes
USB audio support Yes Yes
Performance Optimizer Yes Yes
Natural Punctuation Yes Yes
Say Web and browser links by voice Yes Yes
Award-Winning RealSpeak™ 2 Text-to-Speech Yes Yes
Dictation Playback Yes Yes
Use with handheld digital recorder Yes Yes
Dictate into Pocket PC or palmOne™ Tungsten Yes Yes
Smart Formatting Yes Yes
Support for cordless or array microphones Yes  
Save audio with text dictation Yes  
Third-Party Correction Yes  
Roaming User Yes  
Smart Commands Yes  
Create multiple custom vocabularies
Internet Explorer 5, 6 Yes Yes
AOL® 6, 7, 8 Yes Yes
Word® 2000, XP, 2003 Yes Yes
WordPerfect® 10, 11, 12 Yes Yes
Outlook® Express 5, 6 Yes Yes
Excel 2000, XP, 2003 Yes Yes
Outlook® 2000, XP, 2003 Yes  
PowerPoint® 2000, XP, 2003 Yes  
Lotus Notes® Yes  
InfoPath® Yes  
MSI Installer Yes Yes
Import/export user files Yes Yes
Roaming User Yes  
Import/export macros Yes  
Import/export vocabularies Yes  
Specialized vocabularies available for purchase Yes  
Network tools for centralized vocabulary management Yes  
Section 508 certified Yes  
Text and Graphics Dictation shortcuts Yes  
Complex macro support Yes  
Macro recorder Yes  
Basic scripting commands Yes  
Advanced Microsoft® VBA-compatible scripting Yes  
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