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The world's first and foremost software product that recognizes and creates general text from normal speech. It has won more than 120 major industry awards. Want to know more about Dragon NaturallySpeaking? No sales pitch, just honest information (888) 634-8200

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The SpeakingNaturally.com Insiders Guide

Inside Our EXCLUSIVE Guide You'll Find...

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- Activation Issues
- Changing from Legal Speech Model to General English
- Changing from Medical Speech Model to General English
- Exporting and Importing User Profiles
- Finding the serial #
- Issues with Microsoft Word - 2007 32 and 64 bit
- Links for 10.1 update for 10.1 Pro and Preferred
- New Philips Speech Mic drivers
- Plantronics Bluetooth User Guide
- Printing Out training enrollment text
- Problems with Acoustic Optimizer
- Roaming User set-up and options
- Setting up a new user profile
- Tips for Power Mic
- Anchoring and using dictation box

Also Includes...

1) 5 Tips for Great Performance

Our five tips will give you a framework for using NaturallySpeaking. In a concise manner we suggest 5 important ways to ensure good NaturallySpeaking Performance. One of the most important of these is a quick and easy way to back up your existing speech files in case of any type of problem. Invaluable for starting to use your NaturallySpeaking product.

We detail common technical problems and solutions in a step by step manner saving you a great deal of time when dealing with common problems.

2) Over 500 Commands in our Command Guide

Over 500 Commands in our Command Guide

Get more of the benefits of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking by having over 500 commands at your fingertips. These commands provide a comprehensive reference for using NaturallySpeaking that have been complied to present widely dispersed commands in a clear well organized source.

We have also added driver downloads to maximize your use of the Philips Speech Mic as well as instruction for the Power Mic II and Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth. We have also included roaming user instructions as well.

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