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GREAT NEWS! --This Circuits e-newsletter from The New York Times features a great review of Dragon NaturallySpeaking by David Pogue.  Pogue is the weekly personal-technology columnist for The NY Times, and a noted how-to author, (he created the “Missing Manual” books).  View The Video Demo

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Alexandria Carstens, Consultant & Trainer
- Speakeasy Solutions Inc.

“I'm a heavy PC software user and nothing pleases me more than Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It truly is the most exciting software out there, and version 9 is just outstanding!”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9 is a productivity tool that no person who uses a computer should be without. I can’t live without it.”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9 is exceptionally accurate and indispensable for enhancing productivity and truly providing a competitive edge.”

“Depending on the activity, Dragon NaturallySpeaking can easily double or triple my output, dramatically reducing the time it takes me to perform many tasks. The new commands in Mozilla Firefox are very useful.”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking’s ever improving accuracy, ease of vocabulary customization, ability for broad use, and custom command creation makes it an invaluable tool for interactions with most PC programs.”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking's accuracy is absolutely exceptional. I have never seen a software program advance as much as Dragon NaturallySpeaking has from version to version.”

“I was rather pleased with the accuracy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 6, and even version 8. But version 9, coupled with an excellent microphone headset provides near perfect accuracy. In fact, when testing microphones, the SH 350 USB was the first microphone to provide 100% accuracy.”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9 accuracy surpasses even that of version 8, and its ability to learn even the most difficult and complex phrasing makes the product an absolute dream to use.”

Chuck Runquist, Owner
- GEMCCON Software Consulting

“I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking in all Microsoft Office applications, as well as Corel WordPerfect. There isn't any Office application that I don't use it in, including Microsoft Visio Professional and Microsoft Project, even though these Office applications are not fully Select-and-Say enabled.”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking saves me hours of time in terms of the type of work that I do, and as for money - it's priceless. I couldn't live without it. It has not only saved me time and money it has made me money over the years. It is so much a part of my life and my business, that if I had to give it up, I doubt seriously that I could survive as a business consultant.”

“The kind of productivity that I have been able to achieve with Dragon NaturallySpeaking over the years is something that I could not possibly do, or live, without.”

Larry Allen, Softnet Systems, Inc.

“Over the years I have tried all competing speech recognition products and have consistently seen Dragon NaturallySpeaking as the best overall solution in the past 5 years for professional dictation.”

“The competitors have not kept up with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, or in the case of Microsoft they have a lot of catching up to do and show no sign of matching Dragon’s functionality. Dragon NaturallySpeaking has many features that allow detailed customization of language which is important for professional reports. The way it provides such control without being “in your face” allows the same product to be used by persons with different language needs. Some like language formal, others need abbreviated records, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking can handle both.”

“Accuracy improvements continue, but for many users (particularly those with “normal” intelligible speech) the accuracy is high enough today that further accuracy improvements no longer are the major reason to upgrade. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is ready for the masses.”

David A. Stein, M.D.
– Neurology

“I am solo practicing neurologist. I previously used a medical transcription service, which was nice - but costly. Each report would cost between ten to fifteen dollars. I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking since 1997 as my only dictation resource. I save at least $10,000 a year by using it.”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking lets me provide a nicely formatted patient report immediately after seeing a patient. The referring physician receives the report the same day. This significantly improves patient care. The current healthcare trend to use EMRs is great, but many EMRs are very limited in allowing the doctor to input a discussion. I often receive EMR generated reports that only include a list of diagnosis and ICD-9 codes without any discussion of different diagnosis and treatment plan.”

“The use of Dragon NaturallySpeaking along with an EMR system will improve patient care immensely. National standards for EMRs are being developed and many EMRs now include support for Dragon NaturallySpeaking - I think this should be a requirement for every EMR system on the market today.”

“Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, has allowed me to provide better patient care and physician communication while at the same time saving me enough money to take a very nice vacation!”

Megan Twentyman, Manager
– Mistral Software Limited

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking 9 takes speech recognition to the next level – it is a highly effective tool for being productive in the office or on the road – the accuracy is great, to the point where you don’t even need to train a new user!”

“Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking saves me quite a bit of time and money - as I'm a touch typist it's probably not as much as the average person who only types at 30-40 words, but every minute saved gives additional time to be productive on other more important tasks.”

“Dragon is a highly accurate productivity tool that makes everyday tasks more efficient, so therefore your days run smoother.”

Robert Frank, M.D.
- Advanced Healthcare

I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a daily basis to perform all of my medical documentation including chart notes, telephone messaging, staff messaging and order commenting.”

“We see a significant workflow efficiency advantage when a physician can document directly into our EpicCare EMR instead of toggling between the EMR and the speech recognition product’s documentation windows. We also see an advantage in being able to leverage Epic’s intrinsic charting tools with voice by building custom commands in DNS to voice activate those charting tools. The third advantage is the ability to create custom commands for voice navigation within the EMR application, including multi-step macros. This can reduce the number of “mouse-clicks” needed to complete a process or navigate to a particular section of the EMR.”

“In general, we have found Dragon NaturallySpeaking to be extremely accurate for most users. The accuracy claims for the product have proven to be true. I do appreciate the faster load time with version 9 of the command browser and user interface. The preview feature has been very useful to me personally when reviewing the hundreds of custom commands that Advanced Healthcare deploys for our physicians. I also think that the Select-and-Say indicator is a very useful addition.”

“Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking is successful for us because we are able to obtain a significant reduction in transcription utilization and the cost of transcription overhead to the entire organization. In 2005 Advanced Healthcare saved approximately $90,000 by utilizing Dragon NaturallySpeaking.”

“Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an extremely accurate and flexible speech recognition product that permits efficient documentation in the ambulatory medical setting and saves us money. In the next two months, we will expand the use of DNS to our new Epic Radiant RIS. After that we plan to continue deploying Dragon NaturallySpeaking to additional interested physicians, new physicians, and radiologists within the organization.”


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